Brasileira 1988

The recording of 13 compositions, mostly written by the performer herself, makes clear the fact that we are facing one of the most expressive and talented composers that have emerged in this decade. Maria Rita Stumpf also makes the music for two poems by her compatriot Mário Quintana and brings to this his first work in disc arrangers and instrumentalists of the size of Luiz Eça, Marco Antonio Guimarães of the Uaktí group and the gifted gaucho Ricardo Bordini. Maria Rita offers us a recording job that goes beyond all disc standards. Difficult in this year someone to take her the palm of originality, and of composer and interpreter of excellent level.

Ilmar Carvalho – Last Minute

Mapa Das Nuvens 1993

Maria Rita, a Brazilian woman, solidly builds the work of a mature singer and composer, once drunk by the pleasure of beauty, a child in search of the new. Or was it by chance that he went to search for some verses that he wrote in Mario Quintana? The countryman poet has this quality of lack of fear. The music of Maria Rita opens us for personal interpretations, remote memories, intense rediscovered. It is to be known slowly and lovingly, delicately and affectionately, very slowly and urgently. With her, a beautiful team of musicians, talented creators, and we have Mapa das Nuvens (Cloud Map)

Mauro Dias


Outro Tempo Electronic

and contemporary Music from Brasil 2017

For his first multi-compilation Music From Memory leads us to a trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest in a double LP that explores the Brazilian music where indigenous rhythms mix with synthesizers and where MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) crosses with synthesized drums. The music produced by the chosen authors, among them, besides Maria Rita Stumpf, Priscila Ermel, Andrea Daltro, Fernando Falcão, Nando Carneiro, The Black Women, represents a mesmerizing landscape that invokes Brazilian landscapes and simultaneously extrapolates its borders.

Product of an extensive research of John Gomez this collection is a unique introduction to this visionary music and presents / displays many recent discoveries in a country very trodden by excavators of recordings. This is an essential release that reveals a broader spectrum of Brazilian music, showing a sound signature full of innovation, experimentalism and beauty.

Brasileira 2017

After Brazilian Song No 3 - better known as Kamaiurá - become cult in various latitudes and have attracted the attention of DJs and vinyl collectors around the world, the Brazilian LP, originally produced by Antares Promotions and Maria Rita Stumpf in 1987 / 88, is re-released by Selva Records in collaboration with Optmo Music and the original producers. Remastered from the DAT of 1988, it arrives with the booklet created by Julio Cesar Saraiva, now updated by the design studio Colletivo, from São Paulo. The 13 songs count on the genius of Luiz Eça, Grupo Uaktí and Ricardo Bordini


MARIA RITA STUMPF ©  2017  /  All Rights Reserved  /  Publicidad Ábaco

Three of the most played songs on the Brazilian album in a new version. The so-called Kamaiurá in re-recording with Maria Rita Stumpf and Paulo Santos do Uaktí, in February of 2017 in São Paulo, mixed by the duo Selvagem and Carlos Gualda, thinking of clues and certainly all ears. Regret African and Rictus gained the vision of Joakim, renowned French DJ, treating the two songs as a suite, about the original recording of Maria Rita with the group Uaktí.

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